If You Are Using A Plastic Face Insert Golf Putter Or A Metal/Alloy Putter.....

You Might Be Interested In Something Truly New And Innovative


Just Under Half Of Your Strokes In A Round Of Golf

Putting Accounts For 41% Of The Strokes In A Round OF Golf For The Average Golfer

(Golf Digest, March 2017)


A Third Choice In Golf Putting Is Here

And It Is Astonishing Golfers

 Oxygen Putters Are So Nice To Feel And Hold

– The Best “Sweet Spot” Of Any Putter You Have Ever Used



  – A Concert Grade Bone Piano Key Insert Face For Better Feel, Contact And Roll

– Brilliant Visual Interpretation (OLEANDER PUTTER)


– Much Better Consistency

–  Nice, Soft  And Relaxed Feel Of The 100%  Leather Grip

(Hand Stitched Custom Embroidered)

– Leather Grips Feel Feel Very Nice

Compared To Rubber Grips

100%  Zero Risk



Padded Waterproof Head Cover Included






Padded Waterproof Head Cover Included




Free Returns?






Bob Cabaniss, Richmond, Virginia – TRILLIUM PUTTER

“I have bought over a hundred putters and might have bought the last one. The Oxygen Putter has great feel and I love the grip.”


Frank Lee, Rifle, ColoradoOLEANDER PUTTER

“I have used a blade style putter for over 40 years and thought I’d give something new a try.

The Alignment lines on the Oleander Putter make long putts much easier to line up.

I can honestly say this putter has saved me 3-4 strokes a round.

I truly feel this is one of the nicest putters I have tried  in years. The balance & feel is very good,  I love the feel & tone of the piano key face.”



Mike Foote, Sacramento, California – OLEANDER PUTTER

” I went to a never played course  – and without practice putting, I used the Oxygen Oleander putter for the first time. I had 30 putts, my normal average is 33 putts, and the Oleander hit much straighter and closer to the holes.”


David Weston, Ontario, Canada – TRILLIUM PUTTER

“I immediately liked the feel of the Oxygen Trillium putter as soon as I picked it up. It was like I’d been using it for years.  Started making putts immediately !

Love the feel with the sheepskin grip and the look at address. Great color as well.

The piano key insert is pretty unique and sounds cool too. 

Great purchase!”


Darrell Chambers, Orange, California – OLEANDER PUTTER

“The putter is stylish and absolutely beautifully constructed with quality materials and design. I think you make a quality product!”


Tyrhome Davis, Ironton, Ohio – TRILLIUM PUTTER

“I love the feel of the Trillium! the ball comes off great!!!”


Larry Braswell , San Jose, California – Trillium Putter

“I have never been as successful and comfortable with any putter from day one.  The quality of the grip and the feed back from the insert inspires confidence on every putt. I highly recommend it.”


Walter Zahler, Hickory, North Carolina – TRILLIUM PUTTER

“I love my Trillium  putter. I get a consistent roll each time I putt. It feels well balanced and comfortable. It beats my more expensive Ping putter by a wide margin.”


Grant Thomas, Melbourne Victoria Australia – OLEANDER PUTTER

“I was a cynic but prepared to try it. Best feel ever – nothing compares to its sweet spot. Speed & bias control exceptional.”


Michael FitzGeorge, Charlottesville, Virginia – TRILLIUM PUTTER

“From the first time on the practice green I loved this putter. The head weight/balance is superb and it is so much easier to hit the putt at the correct pace and line.

Everybody that has held the putter comments on how it feels.”


Bob Manlowe, Mercer Island, Washington – OLEANDER PUTTER

“I love everything about the Oxygen putter.  The 3-D Alignment aids really work – assists in starting the ball on the proper line for all types of left-to-right and right-to-left breaking putts.  The feel and strike is excellent, and the ball rolls smoothly across the putting surface.  Has saved me 3-4 strokes a round!!!”



“The weight … the feel … the grip…. you did a good job on this one !!

With the help of the stretch as well  …the game has drop 5-6 strokes 

Thank you!”


David Jennings – Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA –  OLEANDER PUTTER

“I love your putter. I show it to all my buddies. My putting has definitely improved. I hit the ball right in the sweet spot every time. The face stays square at impact. Took a couple of weeks to get used to the sheep skin grip, because I was using a much lager grip on my old putter. Now, my hands seem to work together better with your grip.

I recently made some “must make” putts in our Shadowridge Golf Club Match Play tournament to win the first 3 matches. It’s a great feeling to have confidence in your putter.”


Dr Jon Shaver, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina – TRILLIUM PUTTER

“Love my Oxygen putter!  Great feel off the piano key putter face through the soft feeling sheepskin grip.  Easy to putt the ball on line at the right pace.  It’s a keeper! ”


David Waller, Austin, Texas – OLEANDER PUTTER

“Never have I had a putter that is as well balanced and perfect for my putting stroke.  I am much more confident on long and short putts. 

Just a note for you guys – I recently was fitted for new clubs by Club Champions.  My fitter in Austin (Mike) could not believe how well I putted with the Oleander.  Mike’s words were “that putter isn’t leaving your bag!”

You might want to reach out to Club Champion and see if they want to carry it.  

Good luck and thanks for creating a great product.” 


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Feel It. Understand It.

The Specs

Old School –  Enough Said

Solid 431 Stainless Steel

CNC Milled Face

Bone Piano Key Insert Face

3.5 Loft

71 Lie

360 Grams

34″ Shaft

Sheepskin Leather Grip 1-1/8″ Diameter Non Tapered

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We Understand Very Well That Our Putters Are Not For Everyone

So Therefore

We Pay The Return Shipping



The Folks  That Thought Of It, Designed It, Patented It

And Guarantee It

Bernie Fay And His Wife/Partner Partner Mary Ann

Family Owned And Operated


Bernie And Mary Ann Also The Owners Of

The “Most Important Stretch In Golf” Or “MISIG”


The Award Winning Golf Strength And Range Of Motion Swing Trainer



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