Throughout History And Up Until The Very Moment You Are Reading This, The Greatest Concert Pianists That Have Ever Lived Have Refused To Use “Plastic” Piano Keys. They Have Historically Demanded “Ivory And Bone” Piano Keys To Play On.

Why Do You Think That Is?

The Answer Is Feel

Resonance – noun

res * o * nance: The intensification and enriching of a tone by supplementary vibration. b: a quality imparted to sounds by vibration.

All Oxygen Putters Are Made With Concert Grade Piano Keys For The Face Insert.

There Is No Comparison Using An Oxygen Putter Up Against A Plastic Face Insert Putter

Yes, OxygenPutters Are Amazing

Feel It. Understand It.

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Yes, They Are That Good



Stroke Saving, Putt Making



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You Don’t Like Three Putting Do You?

Then Why Don’t You Make Make More One And Two Putts?

Oxygen Putters




Feel Is Everything

Having A Better Visual Interpretation Of A Putting Moment Is Critical


Larry Braswell , San Jose, California

“I have never been as successful and comfortable with any putter from day one of trying any putter.

The quality of the grip and the feed back from the insert inspires confidence on every putt.

I highly recommend it.”



Bob Cabaniss, Richmond, Virginia

“I have bought over a hundred putters and might have bought the last one.

The Oxygen Putter has great feel and I love the grip.”



Frank Lee, Rifle, Colorado

  I love the feel & tone of the piano key face.

The Alignment lines on the Oleander Putter make long putts much easier to line up.

I can honestly say this putter has saved me 3-4 strokes a round.”


David Weston, Ontario, Canada

“I immediately liked the feel of the Oxygen putter as soon as I picked it up.

It was like I’d been using it for years.  Started making putts immediately.

Love the feel with the sheepskin grip and the look at address.

The piano key insert is pretty and sounds perfect also too. 

Great purchase!”


Try An Oxygen Putter.

If You Are Using "Plastic" For Your Golf Putting?

You Are In For A Wonderful Surprise

You Will Be Amazed At The Difference In:

- Feel (Everything)

- Contact

- How The Ball Literally Floats Off The Face


- The Feel Of The Sheepskin Leather Grips: Soft, Buttery, Peaceful Feel

Your next golf putt is a culmination of the last one hundred or one thousand putts you have taken. From the start you are creating memories of what just happened.

The transfer of feel and sound or "RESONANCE" is critical, the sound and feel through the concert grade piano key and the sheepskin leather grip upon impact into the hands, and into the golfer, creates a memory.

The better and more consistent the combined memories are, the better the outcome of the golf putt.


The Specs

431 Stainless Steel

CNC Milled Face

Bone Piano Key Insert Face

3.5 Loft

71 Lie

380 Grams

34″ Shaft

Concert Grade Piano Key Face Insert

Hand Sewn Sheepskin Leather Grip 1-1/8″ Diameter Non Tapered

Raised 3 Dimensional “Putt Break Lines”

For Better “Visual Interpretation” Of A Golf Putt

Patent Pending Design



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Note: When standing over the Oleander Putter, one of the Six raised 3-D break lines will line up with the break of the putt you are visualizing. Focus on that single raised 3-D putt break line for a moment. The putt break line you have chosen will give a better visual interpretation of the roll of the putt and reinforce your decision. It will give more confidence.

Added Visual Benefit: Sweeping the trailing lines through the putt. Take the Oleander Putter into the takeaway of the putt and sweep the trailing lines through the line of your putt. They are a great additional visual guide.

The Sight And Visual Interpretation

The Oleander’s Has Raised 3 Dimensional “Putt Break Lines” Because Visual Interpretation Of A Golf Putt Is Critical.

The Oleander Putter dramatically enhances the visual interpretation of a golf putt. To fully understand what is about to take place in putting, golfers want every advantage.

Putting with the Oleander Putter will increase aim and stroke consistency.

The Feel

If you want a better feel for your putting you will want try the Oleander putter. It resonates. It’s about feel at the point of contact. A bone piano key as a putter face has a very nice soft feel that transfers to the hands and into the memory bank.

You’ll Love It.


And You Will Not Make A Bad Decision



Brilliant Feel Of The Hand Stitched Fine Grain Sheepskin Leather Grips Is Incomparable



Especially To RUBBER Grips





The Specs

Old School –  Enough Said

Solid 431 Stainless Steel

CNC Milled Face

Bone Piano Key Insert Face

3.5 Loft

71 Lie

360 Grams

34″ Shaft

Sheepskin Leather Grip 1-1/8″ Diameter Non Tapered

Sheepskin Leather Grips
Bone Piano Keys Resonate Through The Hands
A Better Feel Makes Better Putts