Why Should You Choose An Oxygen Putter? Why Use A Real Bone Piano Key Face Insert Instead Of Plastic For A Golf Putter?  Why Use Fine Grain Sheepskin Leather Grips Instead Of Rubber Grips? 

Feel Is Everything

Beautiful Face Contact

Incredible Roll

Increased Visual Interpretation Of A Golf Putt (Oleander)

Best New Product At The PGA Merchandise Show, Orlando Florida By Golf Channel

Your Game Needs An Oxygen Putter. Experience The Difference With An Oxygen Putter. Pre-Order Yours Today. Orders Ship 6/15/2019

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The Feel Is Everything. 

If you are using a plastic face insert putter or metal/alloy putter we invite you to try something new, something different. Throughout history, the greatest master pianists that ever lived preferred bone and ivory for the pianos they played and created on – Why? Because of the feel. They understood that in order to “Feel” their music there was only one choice: Bone and Ivory. It resonates unlike any other natural material known to man. We at Oxygen Putters want you to feel and understand what the masters knew.

Putting is just about half of the strokes in a round of golf. Yet the average golfer is usually more concerned about getting more distance off the tee than making putts. Smart golfers know that the game is won and lost on the green.

Better feel creates better consistency. Better visual interpretation will make a better putt.

Something New And Innovative For Your Putting

You will have a better advantage using an Oxygen Putter. Creating a memory history of feel and sound that truly resonates is critical to being “in the moment” of a golf putt. Precisely knowing what is about to happen is so important to becoming a better golfer. You will become much more consistent using an Oxygen Putter.

Experience The Difference:

  • Extremely Smooth And Consistent Contact, Roll And Ball Speed
  • More Natural Feel.
  • Silky Smooth Grip And Beautiful Soft Contact
  • Bone Piano Keys Resonate Through The Hands Very Well
  • Organic
  • Better Forgiveness
  • Sheepskin Leather Grips
  • It’s Like Putting With Silk In Your Hands
  • A Better Feel Makes Better Putts
  • Know What You Are About To Feel -Every Time

The Oleander Plant Is The Deadliest In The World.

Give Your Opponent A Taste.

The Sight –

The Oleander’s Raised 3 Dimensional “Putt Break Lines” Aid Because Visual Interpretation Is Critical.



The Oleander Putter dramatically enhances the visual interpretation of a golf putt. To fully understand what is about to take place in putting, golfers want every advantage.

Note: When standing over the Oleander Putter, one of the Six raised 3-D break lines will line up with the break of the putt you are visualizing. Focus on that single raised 3-D putt break line for a moment. The putt break line you have chosen will give a better visual interpretation of the roll of the putt and reinforce your decision. It will give more confidence.

Added Visual Benefit: Sweeping the trailing lines through the putt. Take the Oleander Putter into the takeaway of the putt and sweep the trailing lines through the line of your putt. They are a great additional visual guide.


Putting with the Oleander Putter will increase aim and stroke consistency.

The Feel

If you want a better feel for your putting you will want try the Oleander putter. It resonates. It’s about feel at the point of contact. A bone piano key as a putter face has a very nice soft feel that transfers to the hands and into the memory bank. Your next golf putt is a culmination of the last one hundred or one thousand putts you have taken. The transfer of sound and feel through the sheepskin leather grip upon impact into the hands, and into the golfer, creates a memory. The better and more consistent the combined memories are, the better the outcome of the golf putt.

You’ll Love It.


The Specs

  • Patent Pending Design
  • 431 Stainless Steel
  • CNC Milled Face
  • Bone Piano Key Insert Face
  • 3.5 Loft
  • 71 Lie
  • 380 Grams
  • 34″ Shaft
  • Sheepskin Leather Grip 1-1/8″ Diameter Non Tapered

Shipping week of 6/15/2019

“Your Game Needs an Oxygen Putter – Putting is almost half of your strokes” – Bernie Fay

The Trillium Plant Is A Beautiful Calm Plant That Grows Throughout The World

Traditional Blade Putter With Incredible Consistency And Feel

Old School – Enough Said

You’ll Love It.

The Specs

  • Solid 431 Stainless Steel
  • CNC Milled Face
  • Bone Piano Key Insert Face
  • 3.5 Loft
  • 71 Lie
  • 360 Grams
  • 34″ Shaft
  • Sheepskin Leather Grip 1-1/8″ Diameter Non Tapered

Shipping week of 6/15/2019

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