Hello Fellow Golfers,

My name is Bernie Fay and I am the Inventor/Owner of The “MISIG” which stands for The “Most Important Stretch In Golf” A DEVICE for golf stretching, swing training and exercise/cardio. The web site for the MISIG is Feel The Stretch – It is truly revolutionary and game changing.

I’m so happy to tell you that I have two new golf putters that I introduced at the PGA merchandise show in Orlando, Florida.

It’s an idea that I’ve been working on for a long time. To me, there have always been basically two choices in golf putters. Plastic insert face or metal/alloy aluminum brass copper etc.

Now you have a third choice. I have applied for and received the patent for use of bone piano keys for a golf putter insert face. I’m sure your first thought might be: “this is silly” but before you roll your eyes back in your head, please read on for a minute. Throughout history, the greatest piano masters always preferred bone and ivory for piano keys. Why do you think that is? It is because nothing carries feel and sound like Bone & Ivory – it resonates.

We use sheepskin leather grips instead of rubber grips. Sheepskin feels much softer and silky smooth. It carries the feel of a putt through the hands much better than rubber.

It’s my opinion that this feel greatly improves your game. But I want you to know many golfers also agree with my opinion. We took our new putters, the Oleander and the Trillium to the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, Florida. Everyone and I mean everyone loved it! There was a really great vibe going around the Demo Day putting green about the “New” Oxygen Putter Company.

There are thousands of new golf products being displayed at the PGA Merchandise show every year and literally tens of thousands of industry professionals from PGA Pro’s, golf magazines and other media outlets like radio and golf bloggers, to Mom and Pop Golf Web sites, groundskeepers and the list goes on.

Out of thousands of new products this year, The Golf Channel’s Matt Ginella chose Oxygen Putters as his ‘Best New Product’ at the PGA merchandise show!

Check out this YouTube video of Matt Ginella from The GOLF CHANNEL sinking 3 in a row with an Oxygen Putter: Watch Now

It’s a very exciting time and I hope that you will check my new golf putters out and pre-order one for yourself. Order Now

Hit them straight,
Bernie Fay